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Look Inward

Artist Statement

        When I quit the job that I had for 6 years, my life slowed down. I somehow lost the sense of security in my daily routine. I was like a balloon about to pop, exhausted, and lacking vitality. Day after day, I woke up afraid of wasting time, of not using it efficiently. I introspected that myself used to care more about the external world than my inner emotions. I started to perceive the environment around me while asking myself: who am I? What makes my heart skip a beat? What inspires me? What do I care about? Then I opened my mind to the unknown. I began to use my camera to collect ordinary moments in daily life. Each thing that happens is unique and could happen only once in my entire life, or else has been happening for a long time and has just been waiting for me to notice it. These treasures are hidden in the most common places. I am alone with the environment around me, giving me time to be with myself. I pay attention to light, shadow, and color in my photography. I found time to learn new things and also to look inside myself. In this body of work, I want to share the process of finding precious things that inspire me to treat the world in a more tender way, which gives me the power to move on from my old life.

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