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Recover from Oblivion 保存遺忘

Limited Edition Handmade Books

      After three years in the U.S., I visited my grandparents’ house in Taiwan. In the garage, I found an old cabinet overflowing with family albums. My grandfather passed away when I was 4 years old, so I had no memories of him until seeing the pictures at age 32.

      I realized the sudden death of my grandfather had led my family into chaos. Those memories were all condensed in the cabinet. As I dug into more of the family albums, those “new” old memories started to connect. I layered photographs, added text, and created juxtapositions to narrate a mixture of truth, fiction, and memories.

    Recover from Oblivion is a photobook conveying my longing for my family when I am far from home. The photographic medium has changed and consequently has affected our understanding of our collective memories with family. It is also a book about self-discovery, making me aware of what makes me become myself nowadays.

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