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One, Two, Tree!

Artist Statement

        I care about details in daily life and looking at them through different angles. For this collection, I took several portraits of trees, while aligning them with similar objects in their foreground or background. I found diverse dialogue in our world through overlapping viewpoints of organic and geometric shapes. I saw a dead tree, and made it into a cartoon one by putting another one behind it. I saw a thin tree and a bus stop, so I took a photo merging the two to make a tree with an orange trunk. Although the trees may not be aware of each other’s presence- I mean, those trees may not know about their other objects around them- they can sometimes coexist in quirky ways that break our standard viewpoint of the world.  I chose these compositions carefully; any other angle would look totally different. Trees grow in their own way, and humanity does whatever they want, yet some physical combinations still happen by chance. I want to provide these amusing examples for you to see our environment from a new perspective.

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